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编辑:Tony Chen  日期:10/13/2014

Data centers are facilities that store and distribute the data on the Internet. With an estimated 100 billion plus web pages on over 100 million websites, data centers contain a lot of data. With almost two billion users accessing all these websites, including a growing amount of high bandwidth video, it’s easy to understand but hard to comprehend how much data is being uploaded and downloaded every second on the Internet.
Data centers are filled with tall racks of electronics surrounded by cable racks. Data is typically stored on big, fast hard drives. Servers are computers that take requests and move the data using fast switches to access the right hard drives. Routers connect the servers to the Internet. Speed is of the essence. Servers are very fast computers optimized for finding and moving data. Likewise, the hard drives, switches and routers are chosen for speed. Interconnection use the fastest methods possible. Faster speed means lower latency, the time it takes to find and send the data along to the requestor. 
While speed is a primary concern for data centers, so is reliability. Data centers must be available 24/7 since all those 2 billion Internet users are spread all around the world. Reliability comes from designing devices with redundancy, backups for storage, uninterruptible power and fighting the #1 enemy of reliability, heat.
Heat is generated by all the electronics, and the faster they run, the more power they consume and the more heat they produce. Getting rid of heat requires lots of air conditioning which can consume as much power as the data center electronics itself. Uninterruptible power requires generators, batteries or even fuel cells and those generate heat from inefficiency also.
Data centers consume vast amounts of power. A few years ago, the magnitude of this consumption became apparent in surveys of giant data centers. Estimates are that data centers consume more than 3% of all the power consumed in the US, which hosts the majority of data centers, an amount more than consumed in total by almost half the states! Power consumption in a data center is more than 100 times as much per square foot as the average commercial property. 
Within the data center, the focus is on moving data, reducing power and heat and ensuring reliability. That’s done by choosing components and systems, designing facilities and installing them properly.

Wiitek Technology produces a series data center cables, like Mini SAS Cable, SAS, SFP+,QSFP+,CXP, MPO/MTP Cables, fiber optic cables, and etc.

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