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Company News
  About Shenzhen Wiitek Technology Co.,LTD--3/31/2019
  Wiitek SFP+,QSFP+ Copper Cable Production Lines--2/12/2020
  Wiitek Product Series and RMA Policies--8/18/2020
  Shenzhen Factory Passes ISO 9001:2008 certification in June,2010--6/13/2019
  Wiitek SFP+,XFP,XENPAK,X2,QSFP+,CXP Modules for Networking Solution--6/3/2019
  Wiitek Internal/External Mini SAS Products for Storage Area--7/5/2019
Technical Support
  Global Recruitment (Welcome to join Wiitek)--8/18/2021
  Wiitek SFP+,XFP,QSFP+ Pass SGSCEFCC,FDA Certification--7/3/2020
  Our Reliability Certification Systems--3/12/2019
  Wiitek Technology Promise the Service--10/3/2019
  SFP+,QSFP+,CXP,Mini SAS HD High Performance Cable Overview--4/11/2019
  25-GigE Consortium Devises Data Center Standard--6/5/2019
Optical Transceivers
Passive FTTx Solution
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